A downloadable game

Battle for your team in this persistent online codebreaking multiplayer game.

Use WASD, arrows or a controller to move. While close to a node, press button A or SPACE to attempt to take over a node for your team. If it belongs to a different team you have to figure out the code they set to lock the node.

If you get the code correct, the node becomes yours and you set the code to the one that appears under your character.

Change your code by pressing button A or SPACE when not near a node.

The digit in a node represents it's value to your team's score.

If you are working on a code, and someone else changes it you will immediately fail.

TIP: Watch other players. You can see the code they're using, as long as they haven't changed it...

I'm using Normcore's free tier as the multiplayer server. This is the real roll of the dice - who knows how long it'll last!

This was built by one guy, battling an insane UK heatwave, a brain tumour and the tail end of a Covid infection. Sorry there's no sound or music!

Post-jam updates:

  • Fixed duplicated node
  • Fixed hitbox on nodes


Team Codebreakers MMOG v1.2.zip 32 MB

Install instructions

Download, extract and run "Team Codebreakers MMOG.exe"

You might be prompted to allow it through your firewall - let it through. It's an online persistent world multiplayer game.

If you're one of the first people to download it you might get unknown software alerts. Click "More info" then "Run anyway". I promise there's nothing malicious in this, but if you don't feel safe you can just not run it. If that's your choice, please don't leave a rating though. Thanks for playing!


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Im bored im going to doing things in Unity updates.

Hey Chris, this sounds really interesting, will try and make some time to set my PC up in August and have a play. -Chris